What are the Benefits of 401(k) Plans?

401(k) plans are powerful tools for retirement planning. But they’re not perfect – the benefits of 401(k)s have come into question even to the point where some people suggest avoiding them altogether. Before giving up on the 401(k), it’s important to understand the benefits that a 401(k) plan offers. You might ultimately decide that it’s […]

Roth 401k – What is Roth 401k?

More and more plans are offering Roth 401k. Is Roth 401k right for you? How Roth 401k Works Roth 401k is similar to a traditional 401k plan. However, your contributions go in after-tax. Therefore you don’t get a deduction (or reduce your taxable income) when you make contributions to a Roth 401k plan. Why Use […]