Be Like a Roth Investor

Want to be a smart investor? The Investment Company Institute’s recently released The IRA Investor Profile might show the way. It shows that Roth IRA investors in particular are doing a great job – it seems that they focus on all the right things. Possibly the most important factor in your retirement is behavior: what […]

Market Risk – What it is and What You Can Do

Market risk is the risk that you will lose money the markets.  In most cases, people are referring to the stock markets, but it’s certainly possible to lose money in other markets as well.  Market risk is a reality anytime you’re dealing with a security that has a price that can move up or down […]

Twitter Hack and Flash Crash – Should You Care?

You might find the AP hacking story interesting and curious, but as a long term investor, you probably shouldn’t care. Yes, the Dow fell 140 points (temporarily), but who cares? Day traders and floor traders may care, but many of them would have been just fine if they were taking a nap during all the […]

Should Investing be Exciting?

Should investing be exciting? Should it get your blood pumping and make you stay up at night? It depends on what you want, and what you get excited about. My take is that (assuming you’re investing for your future) the act of investing should not be exciting. If you get a rush of adrenaline when […]