IRA or 401(k) – What’s the Difference Anyway?

You have to make a lot of decisions as you plan for retirement. Among those decisions is the choice to use an IRA or 401(k) to save money. Which one should you use, and what’s the difference between them anyway? Can you even do both? Let’s figure that out. IRA versus 401(k) If you like […]

Is an Annuity an IRA? Should they Mix?

With all of the tools available for planning for retirement, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s what. For some, the retirement toolkit includes annuities and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). But the question arises: is an annuity an IRA, or are they separate tools? And does it even make sense to combine them? Is an Annuity […]

What is the Retirement Age?

As you start to imagine your life without a day job, you may wonder what the retirement age is. The truth is that you can retire whenever you feel like it – the question is whether or not you can afford to retire at a particular age, given the resources available to you at that […]

What to do With a 401(k) When Leaving a Job

When you change jobs, you have to figure out what to do with your 401(k) savings. You have several options, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Once you know what all the options are, choose the best one for your needs. So, what can you do with your 401(k) when you leave your […]

Where to Open an IRA

If you have money to invest, you may wonder where is best to open an IRA. It’s an important decision because your IRA provider will hold one of your most important assets – your retirement nest egg. Depending on how things work out, your retirement can be a dream come true or a nightmare. What […]

How and Why to Transfer Your 401k to an IRA

When you change jobs, you have several options on what to do with the money in your 401(k). You can transfer that money to an IRA, leave it in the plan, or cash out. In most cases, the best option is to transfer savings into an IRA. Unfortunately, the process can be confusing and intimidating […]