Target Date Funds Compared

Morningstar took a good look at target date funds recently, and listed the pros and cons of these controversial investments. The study looks at returns, fees, philosophy, and more in hopes of identifying the best target date funds and best ways to build them. They end up straddling the fence between those who’d like to […]

Better Investments – Worth it?

Can you reach your goals more easily with better investments? Probably. The hard part is knowing what to use and when. Better investments might return an extra percent or ten over a given period, or they may have better measurements such as Alpha. But really, what do you get from chasing better investments? For many […]

Index Fund Investor vs Investment Returns

Do index fund investors do as well as their investments? I’m not much of an indexer. For large company US holdings, I could flip a coin and be okay with either active or passive funds. I might come out a little behind or ahead depending on what happens, but I don’t believe it’ll affect my […]

Even in the Best Fund, Behavior Hurt Investors

What if you invested in the best mutual fund of the past decade – how would you have done? It depends what you did. The CGM Focus Fund was the top US stock fund over the past 10 years. I have no idea if it’s a good fund or not, but it did better than […]