What to Look for When You Review Your 401(k)

Although it might seem like a chore, reviewing your 401(k) from time to time doesn’t have to be painful. The best way to save for retirement is to let things run on autopilot, but you can’t completely set-it-and-forget-it. A periodic review will help ensure that you’re on track, and you can review the most important […]

Profile of a Moderately Aggressive Investor – Investment Personalities

This page is part of a series on investment personalities. Today we’ll hear from the moderately aggressive investor, who might describe herself this way: I am a moderately aggressive investor. I believe that I will be rewarded for taking risks in the stock market. I know that I will lose money from time to time, […]

Profile of a Moderate Investor – Investment Personalities

There is no official or agreed-upon definition of a moderate investor (or any kind of investor). Investing is personal, and your ability to take risks depends on several factors. Even professional investment managers have differing views on exactly how much risk a moderate investor should take. However, moderate investors are generally described as “middle of the […]

Moderately Conservative Investor – Investment Personalities

This is part of a series on investment personalities. We started with an ultra-conservative investor, so now let’s move to the moderately conservative investor. How might these people describe themselves? I am a moderately conservative investor. I would like for my assets to grow, but I don’t like the idea of taking large risks. As […]

Profile of an Ultra-Conservative Investor – Investing Personalities

What’s your investing personality? If you were to listen to a conservative investor (a really really conservative investor) describing himself, here’s what you might hear: I am an ultra-conservative investor. I simply don’t want to lose any money. Either I need to spend 100% of that money in the near future, or I’m just not […]