Happy Anniversary!

You forgot? This is the one year anniversary of the market lows of March 2009. The greatest bear market of most of our lifetimes, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. From October of 2007 to March of 2009, the “stock market” lost almost 60% and some investors lost a lot more. Do you remember March […]

Partying Like it’s 1997

Stock markets closed at levels not seen since 1997. I gotta say, I was happy to see 1997 go and I’m not happy to see it come back. Not that it was a terrible year, but I was younger and less developed at that time. I wish the future was here now. This is tough.

Investments are Not Like People’s Lives

An interesting way to think of Investments is that they are not like people’s lives. When you see investment values heading down, as you may have seen recently, you may assume that they’ll continue heading in that direction. The same was true when investment values went up, right? “House prices never go down“. “I don’t […]

Investment History – How to See Investment History in Technicolor

So how do you get a view of investment history by asset classes? An easy way to see how different investments have done is to view a Callan Chart. The Callan Chart shows investment history for each year, and different types of investments are displayed from best to worst. Callan Charts are especially handy for […]