Money and Happiness

They say money can’t buy happiness, but the situation might be more complex than that. It’s certainly true that wealthy people can be miserable and poor people can be extremely happy, but money can have some effect on your level of happiness. It might even make a huge impact in your life. The popular saying about […]

The New Merlin Mann and Authentic Happiness

It may not be anything new, but I see him in a new light. Why might you care? You might get ideas that improve your life and finances. If you’re not familiar with Merlin, he’s made a name for himself in the world of personal productivity. But that’s probably the least important of his work. […]

Which Happiness Does Money Buy?

There’s always debate about whether or not money can buy happiness. The problem may be we’re not clear enough on what we mean by “happiness.” It turns out there are different types of happiness. How can you decide if you’re happy with your life? Is it what you’re feeling right now, or is it a […]