What to do with Your 401(k) at Retirement

So, the day has finally come for you to call it quits. What should you do with your 401(k) at retirement? Most people don’t know because they spent years and years building up their 401(k) accounts, but the focus was on accumulation (not on using the money). They’re like climbers at the summit of Mount […]

What to do With a 401(k) When Leaving a Job

When you change jobs, you have to figure out what to do with your 401(k) savings. You have several options, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Once you know what all the options are, choose the best one for your needs. So, what can you do with your 401(k) when you leave your […]

1099-R And 401(k) Rollovers

If you rolled over a 401(k) last year, you should get a 1099-R form from your (previous) investment provider. Naturally, you’ll wonder: Has there been a mistake? Will I owe taxes on the transaction? If the rollover was processed correctly, you should not owe taxes. Are you looking for your 1099-R? If you actually want […]