What I’ve Been Reading – Week 4

I’ve read a lot of great articles online over the past few weeks. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Rob Carrick has been looking at the big picture. Retirement isn’t just about saving money so you can spend it for life – it’s about life.
  • PK from DQYDJ has a fantastic introduction for anybody who just needs to get started investing. You can make it more complicated if you want to, but who wants to?
  • Pauline Paquin describes how she graduated from college without debt. It can be done, even in the US.
  • Matt Becker has been writing several articles about the Roth vs. Traditional debate. Read them all.
  • Ree Klein shows you a great way to see how much you’ve earned over your lifetime, and what you have to show for it (you get bonus points for signing into your Social Security account). Whatever your numbers are, doing the exercise is probably the most important thing.

Other than that, it’s been cold. So, here, you might need this:

Beach Trees


 Photo credit: Paul from www.Castaways.com.au