Be Like a Roth Investor

Want to be a smart investor? The Investment Company Institute’s recently released The IRA Investor Profile might show the way. It shows that Roth IRA investors in particular are doing a great job – it seems that they focus on all the right things. Possibly the most important factor in your retirement is behavior: what […]

How to Get Money out of a 401k

Your ability to get money out of a 401k depends largely on two factors: whether or not you’re still employed, and which options your employer offers within the 401k. You might want to pull your money out for several reasons, including: You’ve stopped working at the company and you’re going to roll your funds elsewhere […]

IRA or 401(k) – What’s the Difference Anyway?

You have to make a lot of decisions as you plan for retirement. Among those decisions is the choice to use an IRA or 401(k) to save money. Which one should you use, and what’s the difference between them anyway? Can you even do both? Let’s figure that out. IRA versus 401(k) If you like […]

What are the Benefits of 401(k) Plans?

401(k) plans are powerful tools for retirement planning. But they’re not perfect – the benefits of 401(k)s have come into question even to the point where some people suggest avoiding them altogether. Before giving up on the 401(k), it’s important to understand the benefits that a 401(k) plan offers. You might ultimately decide that it’s […]

Why use a 401(k)? What’s the Point?

If saving for retirement is new to you, you may wonder why you should enroll in your 401(k) plan. What’s the point? Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees, so why should you live on anything less than 100% of your income? As you begin to learn about your 401(k) plan you might hear a lot […]

What to do with Your 401(k) at Retirement

So, the day has finally come for you to call it quits. What should you do with your 401(k) at retirement? Most people don’t know because they spent years and years building up their 401(k) accounts, but the focus was on accumulation (not on using the money). They’re like climbers at the summit of Mount […]

Where to Open an IRA

If you have money to invest, you may wonder where is best to open an IRA. It’s an important decision because your IRA provider will hold one of your most important assets – your retirement nest egg. Depending on how things work out, your retirement can be a dream come true or a nightmare. What […]

How and Why to Transfer Your 401k to an IRA

When you change jobs, you have several options on what to do with the money in your 401(k). You can transfer that money to an IRA, leave it in the plan, or cash out. In most cases, the best option is to transfer savings into an IRA. Unfortunately, the process can be confusing and intimidating […]