I am an author who’s interested in money and how we relate to money.

What’s my story? I used to think that personal finance was about all the wrong things (less about the personal and more about fancy, complicated stuff). I somehow started day-trading in the late 1990’s – just small-time amounts, fortunately. Eventually I learned how not to lose money: stop day-trading…

Finally I came to the conclusion that watching the markets every day and rolling the dice is not the way to live life (nor is it the most likely way to reach your goals). For now I just try to live simply and am building a secure and comfortable lifestyle.

I don’t claim to have any particular qualifications: I read a lot, I earned my MBA from a university program that’s adequate but not elite, and I keep up with people who are also interested in personal finance.

I am not a professional money manager or psychologist (I just read and write a lot), so I really don’t know what I’m talking about here. Keep that in mind before you take any action based on what you read.

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About Feeling Financial

What is FeelingFinancial.com? This is a site about personal finance. The goal is to help readers learn about important financial topics, while acknowledging how and why we make decisions about money.

Is this all about brain studies or psychological experiments? Not really. You’ll find some mention of those topics, but for the most part it’s about financial decisions that individuals and businesses have to make every day. I hope to discuss those topics in a way that recognizes how difficult these topics can be given their emotional weight and all of the other demands of our busy lives.

Are you Pat Murphy?

No, not really – that’s a pen name. When interacting with others, I’ve found that some people want to call you something, so Pat it is.

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